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If you have ripped your personal CD's and encoded the songs to Ogg Vorbis files, you are in trouble when your MP3 player does only play MP3 files.

The Ogg2MP3 Bash shell script converts your .ogg files to .mp3, using oggenc and lame executables. It even makes full use of a multi-core CPU, by dividing the list of files to be converted among separate child processes. Unfortunately, your music collection must have the following format: /some/path/music/artist/album/01 - title.ogg.

When you got that far, the Tag_Files Bash shell script makes sure that the Album, Artist, Tracknumber and Title of the song are tagged correctly. This script uses the id3v2 and vorbiscomment executables to set them.

Finally, you could use files_ext2fat Bash shell script to convert your file- and directory-names. The ext2/ext3 filesystem allows characters that are not allowed in fat32. This script renames these characters to an underscore. Now you can copy it to a fat32 partition.